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How Can “Smart Bottles” Confront Counterfeits … and Improve the Consumer Experience?


In the wine industry – particularly in Asia – counterfeit wine is sadly almost common. According to recent reports, 50-70 percent of wine sold in China is potentially a counterfeit. For premium brand wines, this percentage could be higher.

But what if a connected “smart bottle", that communicated with your smartphone, could tell you if that bottle of wine you’re about to purchase has been illegally refilled, is an all-out fake, or is actually the real thing … among other pieces of information about the bottle's content?  

At Mobile World Congress Shanghai on July 15-17, Thinfilm demonstrated how smart technology can provide a solution to check the authenticity of wine bottles across the supply chain and directly to consumers.

The smart bottle concept – featuring Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense™ technology – can monitor individual bottles that are packaged, shipped, stocked and purchased in their original factory-sealed state. After unveiling the industry's first "smart wine bottle" made with printed electronics at the show, Thinfilm is now executing a live field trial in collaboration with G World and Ferngrove Wine Group. 

In addition to OpenSense’s ability to provide authenticity checks, those who visited our booth for demonstrations were excited to see that our smart technology could also give consumers visibility into product lineage. While authentication of a product’s originality is critical, consumer engagement is now weighed in as a factor when brand owners calculate ROI for such solutions.

Consumers are expressing increased concerns about the way their food, beverages, health and beauty products are grown, harvested, and produced.  Having access to brand information before (and after) a purchase is a valuable way for consumers to learn about their product’s ingredients, manufacturing process, and environmental friendliness.

OpenSense is the only publicly demonstrated technology that combines smartphone readability, unique identification, and a definitive electronic reading of a product’s sealed or open state. This innovative form of NFC technology has the ability to boost buyer confidence by helping detect if a product has been tampered with. In addition, it can also offer the consumer valuable information about the product they are enjoying.  


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