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Using Technology to Showcase a Diamond’s Brilliance

Posted by Bill Cummings, SVP - Corporate Communications on Sep 27, 2016 11:39:55 AM
Bill Cummings, SVP - Corporate Communications
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Diamonds, perhaps more than any other gemstone or luxury product, evoke strong emotional feelings. The durability of a diamond has long been linked with everlasting love and devotion.    


Much of this association is contributed to a clever marketing campaign by DeBeers in the 1930s and 1940s. This campaign boosted the popularity of diamonds used in engagement rings.

Today, diamond merchants have a new tool to help market these gemstones.

Being both expensive and emotionally significant, consumers want diamond jewelry to demonstrate the stone’s rarity and unique beauty.

This may be especially true of the exacting millennial buyer. According to DeBeers, half of the diamond sales in 2015 were to millennials. And with this demographic at the prime age for marriage proposals, the number is sure to grow.

Sarine, a world leader in diamond and gemstones technologies, has a solution that helps educate and entice diamond buyers. And with innovative NFC solutions from Thin Film Electronics, this information is available with the tap of a smartphone.

Sarine Profile™, together with NFC SpeedTap™, provides diamonds and gemstones with a digital identity. The digital diamond story is stored in the cloud, fully accessible 24/7 from any online device. Diamond images can be shared on any social media platform.

By tapping the SpeedTap tag, viewers see measurements and displays of the diamond’s true light beauty, in terms of Brilliance, Fire, Sparkle and Light Symmetry. The Sarine profile also provides information not visible to the naked eye such as an accurate graphical representation of the diamond’s hidden Hearts & Arrows pattern and Cut & Craftsmanship.

For dealers and retailers, the NFC capability puts Sarine Profile diamond information as close as possible to the customer and the sales presentation. The information helps consumers make an informed decision when choosing a stone.

For consumers, the digital identity tells a diamond’s unique story – the perfect addition to any couple’s love story.

“The implementation of SpeedTap tags with the Sarine Profile system enables retailers and consumers to enjoy the benefits of instant, automatic access to the powerful story of the diamond.” – Uzi Levami, CEO of Sarine Technologies.




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